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Evidence of Identity Requirements – QLD

A person must produce, and an RTO must sight, three matching, original, evidence of identity (EOI) documents before undertaking GCIT or when requesting a replacement GCIT card. Original may include an electronic document if the document can be accessed and viewed in real time through a secure portal (e.g. the student logs in to myGov and produces their Medicare card). A photograph of an
original document is not an original document.

The RTO must keep a copy of the EOI documents (except financial institution debit/credit card) on the student file. Where a financial institution debit/credit card is sighted as EOI, an RTO must make a record of the name of the financial institution, whether the card is a debit or credit card, and the expiry

The EOI documents must comprise either:
  • One (1) Category A document and two (2) Category B documents, or
  • Two (2) Category A documents and one (1) Category B document.

At least one Category A document must be photographic and show the person’s full name. At least one Category A or B document must show the person’s date of birth and signature. Category B documents must be Australian-issued documents.

The person’s details on the GCIT card must match the details on the EOI documents.

Special arrangements for EOI apply for some groups (see below).

Change of Name

If a person has changed their name and the name on the EOI documents is different to the name they want on the GCIT card, the RTO will need to sight and retain a copy of a change of name document.

Special arrangements

Special arrangements for EOI apply to the following groups:

• Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders
• Secondary school students
• Temporary overseas workers.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders
The identity of the person may be verified by producing at least one Category A or Category B document and written statements from two authorised referees. Authorised referees for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders include:
• Chairperson, secretary or CEO of an incorporated Indigenous organisation (including land councils, community councils, housing organisations etc.)
• Community development employment project coordinator
• School principal/counsellor
• Minister of religion
• Treating health professional or manager in Aboriginal medical services
• Centrelink staff, Centrelink agent or government employee of at least five years.

The authorised referee is to verify the person’s identification by providing a written statement on organisational or company letterhead. The written statement must include:
• the person’s full name, current address and date of birth
• evidence that the authorised referee has witnessed the person’s signature
• the period of time the authorised referee has known the person and how they have known the
person (e.g. professionally or personally)
• the authorised referee’s signature and date.


Secondary school students

The identity of the student may be verified by sighting one of the following original documents:

• Australian birth certificate issued by the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages
• Australian citizenship certificate
Conditions of agreement for registered training organisations to issue general construction induction training cards in
Queensland Version 6.1: effective 25/07/2023
• International travel documents including a current passport or a passport that has expired but
has not been cancelled within the preceding two years
• Australian learners permit or drivers licence (current).
and a written statement signed by one of the following school officials:
• principal or deputy principal
• head teacher or deputy head teacher
• secretary or deputy secretary
• chief administrator or deputy chief administrator.


The statement must be written on the school letterhead and include the student’s full name and date of birth, and confirming the student attends the institution.
The identity of the student may be verified by producing at least one Category A or Category B document and sighting a student ID card issued by the school containing the school crest/seal or stamp. The student ID card must have the student’s photo, name and date of birth.

Temporary overseas workers

The identity of the person may be verified by producing:
• a current passport, and
• a current work visa.
and one of the following:
• overseas drivers’ licence
• overseas financial institution card
• overseas birth certificate.



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